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Your baby wants to hear YOU sing. A Perfect Lullaby is a premier CD that will help you do it!


Research shows that babies prefer their mother’s voice to any other. A mother’s voice is most soothing because it is most familiar. Singing to your baby will not only promote comfort and rest, but it will enhance your bonding experience and support the development of secure attachment. Because some moms (and dads) are uncomfortable singing, or perhaps don’t know many lullabies, we’ve created this CD as a lullaby “trainer”.


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In the first eight tracks, you hear Elisabeth sing the verses, and then hum them, providing you an opportunity to sing along with the music. Lyrics are provided in the liner notes. The CD is effective on it’s own, but your baby will get the maximum benefit from hearing your voice. The final two tracks allow mom time to reflect on the joys and challenges of motherhood.

A Perfect Lullaby is not just a collection of music; it is an experience, and one we hope you and your baby enjoy immensely.


This CD incorporates a vast amount of scientific research into an ideal recording. Every element is carefully considered, from tempo and instrumentation to the structure of the songs. You will hear many traditional lullabies that have proven themselves over the ages. You will also hear two original compositions, and hope you enjoy those as well.



Singing to your baby enhances the attachment experience. Developing secure attachment with your infant leads to many positive outcomes, such as better social and emotional skills, greater academic achievement, and higher self-esteem. Singing to young ones also promotes the development of language skills. These are all good things, right? Yes!

The unfortunate fact about society today is that singing has become so “professionalized”. Moms and dads believe that if they don’t sound like the contestants on American Idol, then their baby doesn’t want to hear them sing. Nothing could be further than the truth! This CD teaches and supports you as you interact with your child through song. The musical characteristics will promote rest and relaxation, something that can be hard to come by in all the stress of raising children.

Is there a baby in your life who would benefit from A Perfect Lullaby?

A Perfect Lullaby is a calming and lovely listening experience for the parent and infant that encourages singing or humming along to create a peaceful closeness


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